We offer the following healing modalities:

Universal Healing Rays
Universal Rays Healing is a powerful transformational healing process that is offered through direct contact with the Ascended Masters of Light. This is a healing process that assists you to shift your consciousness and release old karmic energy that limits or blocks you on some level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
The work is about removing barriers from our cellular body and receiving our light and remembering who we really are. We are already enlightened, it's only about remembering and embodying this into our cells. There are doorways throughout the body that when opened allow us to access our own light. Once we can access our own light, healing takes place within. Amanae works very much with the heart. There are many barriers in our hearts and while there are barriers here one cannot receive one's own light or give out in a true form.
Intuitive Healing
Intuitive healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body. Sometimes referred to as insight healing, the practice does not require any type of invasive procedure. Visualisation and focused thinking are often key components in the intuitive healing process. With the assistance of the practitioner, the patient is helped to visualize the blockage and slowly begin to break that blockage down.
Soul Retrieval
The shamanic practice known as soul retrieval is perhaps the most important level of healing in spirit medicine because once the spiritual-energetic nature of an illness-causing intrusion has been addressed, the cause is still unresolved, namely the tears in the fabric of the sufferer's soul cluster that allowed the intrusions to enter in the first place. The work of Soul Retrieval is in the shaman hunting down and recovering the soul's lost parts.
Emotional Journey

Seeing the truth through the light of your own soul, you can forgive yourself and others and heal once and for all in every aspect of your life.

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

There is a special place on the land where sweat lodge ceremonies are held. Please inquire after the possibilities.

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