About Domaine Le Martinet

A place for Transformation 

Le Martinet is the hub and homeland for Amrit Nam Sarovar School of Mastery. We are now also open to welcome and host healers and teachers with their own groups. We can accommodate events all year round, with catering facilities on premises. For indoor events, we can host groups of up 35 people plus facilitators, and outdoors in the summer time, we can host up to 200 people.

It's a blessed valley. The local community has anchored high-frequency spirits and guides here for several decades. We are open to welcome any direction and path to enlightenment. This sacred place is dedicated to nurture, inspire, and transform all who are actively engaged in the planetary aquarian changes.

Reach your True Potential


Symbol of The Door

Le Martinet functions for many people as a portal to other dimensions, as a gateway to a different quality of consciousness, as a portal to new life.

It is a vortex of energy that uplifts as well as confronts. At once a womb of mother earth as well as a cauldron in which the ego gets ‘cooked’. In all of these images, the notion of transformation is key.

St. Michel les Portes

Vercors Massif

Archangel St. Michael

Woodcut by the great Alchemist Dürer of St. Michael overcoming the dragon over a village that is remarkably like St. Michel les Portes 

About the land and its people

We, the spiritual community that lives on this sacred land, are dedicated to uplift and inspire all that come. We offer healing and yoga courses and we seek to facilitate the birth of a truly Aquarian culture. We aim to be an example of what conscious living can be about. 

Le Martinet is the cradle of Amrit Nam Sarovar, School for Mastery. It is the place where the spirit is rooted, a portal to the divine mother, a fontanelle of sacred energy. It is connected with the Archangel Michael and the energies of seeding and harvesting. A place to be nourished by Life-Giving Energies that animate the land. 

The land is protected by 7 guardians, and a special activity to partake in while here, is to do the meditative walk. This walk takes you along 7 natural places that each has a special energy to impart to the meditator.


Activate yourself through the Meditation/Walk that can take as little as 2.5 hours to however long you need. It is to open the heart to ourselves and others and create a space where we can welcome the new. All Lightworkers are invited to partake in the co-creation of the aquarian change. The key is to ask a question through which to access your higher self, and then process the question through the walk. It is an oracle.

About the Community

There are a few people living here. Brought together by a desire to share a different, more tolerant way of living, we seek to be conscious of the way that we treat each other and how we treat our environment. We are not (yet) a full-blown ecovillage, but we are doing our best.


Our practices and interests revolve around yoga, healing, music, dancing and the arts. Our background is in Kundalini Yoga. We do not follow a religion or belief system, but we have a temple and altars. Above all we are discovering what it means accept each other as we are, and to truly live for each other.

We seek to live beyond the confines of any spiritual or ideological system in a space of authenticity. With the present as our guide, we relate to the living teaching that each of us, and everything around us, embodies. We seek to facilitate the birth of a truly Aquarian Culture, where each is respected for who she is and venerated for her participation in the divine.

Ways to engage

1. Workshops. We have an elaborate teaching programme with many programs that we run ourselves. These courses give students a chance to really make steps in their personal development. They are magical experiences, all aimed - one way or other - to reconnect you with your real nature. Some programs are recurring one-off occurrences and require just a few days and limited commitment, and some are longer running (one or two year) trainings.

2. Seva. In the early summer months through the summer ‘till autumn, we run a so-called seva programme. This is for people who can selflessly serve and through serving develop the capacity to have a more intimate relationship with their own self. It is a process not easily described in words, but if you feel attracted to it you can read more about it on our seva page.

3. Rent Le Martinet: if you are a workshop giver and would like to rent our place please do get in touch. Check out our facilities page and write an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to know more. Many things are possible here, but they need to be in alignment with the spirit of the place.

Reach your True Potential